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The shutdown and MSU

John Hannah

Vague but still scary (from a PDF from the MSU Office of Planning and Budgets):

  • Reduction of capital expenditures; postponing “significant capital projects”
  • In the event of an “extended shutdown,” suspending “State of Michigan-funded grant programming”
  • The State already owes MSU $30 million from last August’s scheduled payment (the state sends appropriations to universities monthly) — that would be delayed even more.
  • The MSU Extensions might shut down.
  • Each month, MSU would miss another $30 million payment. Even though this should (hopefully?) be restored when the government would come back online, it’ll be tight in the meanwhile.
  • Also in jeopardy: $3 million/month in specific grants and contracts, funds expected from the state for the Chemistry Building addition will be delayed, and the Michigan Education Trust and Michigan Competitive Scholarships, both of which pay out in October.

So far, MSU says that “this impact would be fully absorbed by the university, not our students.” I guess it depends how long a shutdown would last.



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Graham Davis lives in Lansing, Michigan.