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New location

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I didn’t pay to renew my old website at So, it’s gone. I’m debating whether to register another domain name and host a site someplace other than Globat, the terrible host of — or maybe not.  It’s disappointing moving to another web address and losing everything at the old one. Lately, I’ve had nothing but problems with Globat, though, so it doesn’t seem worth renewing.

Also, I don’t really regularly blog — I’ll post sporadically and then forget about it or become too busy. While it’s always been a resolution, somehow writing posts for two or three people to read never winds up being a top priority. Maybe a new domain name would change that. I have no idea what to name it, or what to even do with it. For a while I hosted a podcast, which was pretty fun to do, but I don’t think anyone really listened to it consistently (despite its brilliance – strictly fire).  Before it shut down, it had become just lists of news stories I had found interesting, with the publishing handled automatically by Again, I don’t think anyone really wanted to read that.

 I’m aware that personal blogging is, for the most part, a giant exercise in self-aggrandizement (ooh, look at me! big word!). I know that most, if not all people could care less about my personal blog, and that even my closest friends probably won’t read it. Yet, I still feel like I should be writing some great blog encompassing everything I’m interested in, which is tough to do. Why? I don’t know.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try to at least fill this with something original. Links to news stories are great, but who wants to read those?



Graham Davis lives in Lansing, Michigan.